Early Career Stage Researchers in GYNOCARE

Promotion of Early Stage Career Researchers and Young Professionals 

Mr Karl livori is a 3rd year MD student at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta who was awarded The Gedeon Richter Prize in Women’s Health for the academic year 2022-23. Mr Livori's  second-year essay project entitled ‘Endometriosis-associated Ovarian Cancer’, carried out under supervision of Prof Jean Calleja-Agius, was considered the most meritorious submission.

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PhD students benefitting from STSMs

Many PhD students and early career researchers, especially those hailing from ITC countries, have benefitted from STSM awarded through GYNOCARE COST Action. 

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STSM by Lithuanian PhD student in Italy;

STSM by Maltese PhD student in The Netherlands;

STSM by Italian PhD student in the UK


ITC Grants to ECIs


PhD students and ECIs benefitted from ITC grants to present their research work at international conferences.

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PhDs obtained during GYNOCARE COST Action

Many of the MCs and participants in WGs obtained their PhD during the course of GYNOCARE COST Action.

Of note, Dr Irina Tripac from Moldova was awarded her 2nd PhD on her work on sentinel node status in patients with endometrial cancer.