Working Group 4

Industrial Dimension (Pharma industry and SMEs)

Main Objective

Bridging the gap between industry and biotechnology companies and
translational research projects. This is achieved by introducing GYNOCARE to the Pharma industries and to the companies that are developing commercial tools for diagnosis and prognostic assessment of the patients to showcase the distinct value for trial and study design, while also revealing to potential for smarter drug design and reuse of existing therapeutics.


a) To raise awareness for collaboration, alternative approaches, and synergistic development of diagnostic and treatment options in the rare cancers by networking with the companies;

b) To coordinate the networking and consulting to identify the needs of the pharma industry to invest resources in the rare diseases;

c) To conduct surveys on the key research focuses in pharmaceutical companies in order to seek alignment with basic and translational research actions; and

d) To coordinate the collaboration between translational research and industry.

For more information, please contact the WG 4 Leader:

Prof Antonio Giordano on

2017_08_21 Antonio Giordano