The Management Committee Members and participants of GYNOCARE have been very active in collaborative research work and attendance to meetings, inspite of hurdles, including the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic.

Special Issue in EJSO

14 October 2023 10:51 AM

Special Collection dedicated to GYNOCARE in the European Journal of…

Collaborating Patient Advocacy Groups

12 October 2023 12:02 AM

Empowering patients suffering from rare gynaecological cancers

Outcome of meetings with Pharma and Biotech SMEs

11 October 2023 11:52 PM

Outcome of Collaborative Meetings

Dissemination to Pharma & Biotech industries

11 October 2023 11:40 PM

Compilation of Informative Booklet

Informed consent and data safety regulation

11 October 2023 11:27 PM

Common informed consent and harmonized regulations

SOPs involving Biosamples

11 October 2023 11:23 PM

Outcomes of WG2 - Biobanking