Out of this world collaboration within GYNOCARE 

Prof Jean Calleja-Agius presented at the 2022 Analysis Working Group (AWG) Symposium on behalf of GYNOCARE COST Action. The title of the presentation was: Extraterrestrial Gynecology: Could Spaceflight Increase the Risk of Developing Cancer in Female Astronauts? Here are the slides for this Presentation at AWG Symposium.

This presentation was based on the work carried out as part of a collaboration between several GYNOCARE COST Action members and the NASA Gene-lab. This also led to a recently published review authored by Drago-Ferrante R. et al. Click here to read the full article.

This symposium had 350 unique participants and highlighted some very compelling work that is being performed by the AWGs at NASA Gene-lab. 

Click here to access the full agenda and list of speakers.