Invited Presentation at the Rare Disease Colloquium

The Scientific Session of 6th Annual Malta Rare Disease Colloquium was held on the 28th May 2021. This was organised by the Bio-Bank at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking, University of Malta and the National Alliance for Rare Disease Support (RD Malta). The Colloquium was chaired by Prof. Alex Felice (University of Malta & RD Malta), who is the Principal Investigator/Custodian: (Academic) Biobank at the University of Malta and Malta BioBank ( He is also an active participant of the GYNOCARE COST Action.

Prof. Jean Calleja-Agius, Action Chairperson of GYNOCARE COST Action (CA18117) was one of the invited speakers. She gave a presentation outlining  the ongoing work of GYNOCARE as a European network for Gynaecological Rare Cancer research: from Concept to Cure.

Access to the GYNOCARE presentation at 6th Rare Diseases Colloquium 28.5.21