Outreach to the General Public

Prof Jean Calleja-Agius, GYNOCARE COST Action Chair, has been invited for an interview lasting just over an hour on a popular Maltese radio programme on the national radio station.

Radio presenter, Ms Christine Delicata hosted Prof Calleja Agius on her popular radio programme 'Ghal Kulhadd', which is literally translated as 'For Everyone'.

Prof Calleja-Agius described the different types of gynaecological cancers. She urged women to speak up whenever they experienced any suspicious symptoms. She also emphasized the importance of international collaboration, especially in the field of rare gynaecological cancers.

Dissemination to the general public about the work being carried out by GYNOCARE COST Action is one of the main outcomes.

Science Communication on National Radio

Another radio interview was also carried out on Radio Mocha, which is the official science communication radio programme on the national radio station. The interview was carried out by Ms Danielle Martine Farrugia, where she invited Prof Jean Calleja Agius to describe the work being carried out in the GYNOCARE COST Action. Click here to follow the whole interview.

Interview on University Radio 

Prof Jean Calleja Agius was invited for an interview on Campus FM. The radio programme is 'Ricerkaturi', which literally means 'Researchers', and is hosted by Wilfred Kennelly, CEO of the Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) at the University of Malta. She outlined her research, including the objectives and deliverables of the GYNOCARE COST Action.