20th September, 2021 - The time has come to prepare for the third World Gynaecologic Oncology Awareness Day (World GO Day) celebration. People in more than 25 countries, including thousands of patients and dozens of groups of medical professionals and experts, will together support a single goal: raising awareness of gynaecologic cancers. The day is dedicated to elevating public understanding of gynaecological cancers and highlighting the risk factors, symptoms, early detection and prevention strategies related to the main types of gynaecological cancers that impact women: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar.

Dr Sharon O'Toole, Trinity College Dublin and coordinator of the World GO Day activities on behalf of the Irish Network for Gynaecological Oncology,  has launched a press release for World GO Day (click World go day press release 20th September 2021 for the full press release). The theme for 2021 is communication between patients and doctors, represented by the main event hashtag #GOforcommunication.

In Ireland, the #DareToAsk campaign, has been set up to encourage patients to ask their doctors those questions they have been too shy or afraid to ask. A special podcast in conjunction with the “Answers for Cancers podcast” team on World GO Day which will answer many of these questions that have been collated from patients.

"Information is power, but communication is the solution. It goes hand in hand with the very short
but clear message: Talk to your doctor, do not be afraid to seek information on gynaecological cancers and to have your regular check-ups to prevent cancer. That is why #GOforprevention will be the second main hashtag of World GO Day," says Prof. Murat Gultekin, who is the co-chair of the organisation that founded the event, the European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups (ENGAGe).

If you want to link with the ENGAGE group in your country then, then you can click here for the groups involved: Advocacy Groups - ENGAGeO ENGAGeO ENGAGeO (esgo.org)